Simple and Smart Organizing Ideas for your Kitchen

kitchen shelvesKeeping your kitchen clean and organized is no easy task, especially when you cook daily, that’s why you need a method that allows you to have your essentials in plain sight without cluttering your cooking space.

Here are a few tips to keep your fridge fresh and your pantry organized:

Use Wall Hangers for Extra Space

Using your walls for some extra space is a great idea to keep your utensils on hand and organized. You can buy individual hangers for towels, aprons and pot holders, or multiple hook hangers for your tools.

Clean the Fridge

It doesn’t matter how much cleaning you do in the rest of the kitchen, if your fridge is full of expired food and things that smell. Start by throwing away all the food that can’t be consumed anymore, put the rest out of the fridge and clean all the drawers and compartments to start fresh.

Use Recycled Plastic or Glass Containers

organized kitchenThose old containers and sauce jars that have been laying around can become useful now. Make sure to wash them, remove their labels and you can replace them with your own personalized labels indicating what goes in each one.

Store Items According to the use you give them

Rethink which items you use the most and plan your cabinets’ space accordingly. Put on the back those ingredients you only use once or twice a month, and leave the front for your condiments, sauces you put on your preparations daily, cereals and others that you frequently use.

Decorate your Walls with Canvas Prints

Give your kitchen a new light with a beautiful designed canvas. You can use different pasta shapes or many types and colors of fruits, make your own design to make it more personal.

You can get some cheap canvas prints online and they’ll get delivered very quickly to your home.

File Containers

Instead of putting all your Tupperware and other plastic and glass containers on top of the other, separate the lid from the rest, and store all lids next to the other and each container inside the other to save space.

Install Shelf Organizers

Create extra storage space inside your cabinets with some shelf organizer. First take a look at your utensils and china shapes and sizes, then find the ones that will be able to fit your cabinets and have the appropriate space for your kitchen appliances.